Sculptural, Fun & Unique – Pillows and Agaves…

I gave Tad a book for Christmas last year – Walking Denver: 30 Tours of the Mile-High City’s Best Urban Trails, Historic Architecture, River and Creekside Paths, and Cultural Highlights.  We set a goal of completing all the walks this year – it has been quite fun and surprisingly educational.  Many of the walks are of areas that we have been to and are familiar with, but the author of the book brings some history to the familiar and often points out things that we had not noticed before.   This weekend, we combined two of the shorter walks.  Surprisingly, both walks ended up providing some pretty cool home inspiration.

Walking Denver

The first walk resulted in quite the exciting home décor find – the most clever, cute pillow ever.  I have been searching for pillows (outdoor and indoor) for a long, long time (a year for outdoor and probably forever for indoor).  For most people, pillows are kind of basic.  They walk into a store, any store and find a pillow they can live with – am I right?  I have tried to do that many times over the years – I have bought many a pillow in my time – I never keep them – I have never found a pillow that I really love.  A month or so ago we got a new sofa (a gift from my mom – thanks mom!).  I decided I wasn’t going to buy any more pillows until I found the perfect one.  Well, the perfect pillow has been found – sculptural, fun, and totally unique…

star pillow


The second walk resulted in a garden find that I think I have to have…?

Just a little background – the area is called Arapahoe Acres and is just a few blocks of midcentury modern houses – we had never been to the area before – it was lovely.  Many of the houses have been updated and most have beautiful landscaping – ornamental grasses, prairie type grasses, rocks, outdoor art (one of my favorite things), perennial gardens, and edible front yard gardens (yes Tad – other people have edible front gardens – I say this because Tad was skeptical when I planted tomatoes and cucumbers in the front yard).  Anyway, I was very surprised to see not just one but TWO blooming agaves – in two different yards!  You are probably thinking to yourselves – what is the big deal?  Is it really that exciting?  Yes people it is – these plants live peacefully for years (it is called a Century Plant – but doesn’t really live a century) – it only blooms once and then it dies!  I am no plant expert but I know something cool when I see it.  So cool that I texted a friend who just moved into a midcentury modern house and told her that they should plant an agave – it just feels so midcentury modern!

I was a bit surprised to see this plant in Denver because I always thought it wasn’t cold tolerant enough – being that I think it is native to Mexico.  So, I did some research and found that the Denver Botanic Gardens has been growing some agaves for years and some have bloomed (and died).   Oh – don’t feel sad about the dying agave – apparently the blooming/dying thing results in “pups” (baby agaves).


Then, I happened to be watching a recorded episode of This Old House (one of our favorite shows – and magazine) the very same day as the agave (and pillow) event.  Well – they talked about planting agaves!  Is that a coincidence or what?  So…  I am taking it as a sign – I should have one of these agaves in my south side yard.  The only thing is that I don’t want something dangerous and prickly.  I will head to the Botanic Gardens and see if they have a version that is not very prickly.

About the friend with the midcentury modern house – she says that are leaning towards planting a Catalpa – basically a tree with big leaves – not as sculptural, fun, or unique as an agave – in my opinion.

Did you notice that I described both my perfect pillow and the agave plant as sculptural, fun, and unique?

More on this agave (and maybe pillow) adventure later…