Outdoor art – the kinetic sculpture…

So – we like outdoor art.

We have a big metal bird and a granite egg in the front yard, a big red fish in the north side yard, a flamingo and sculpture garden in the south side yard, and the list goes on and on…

A few years ago, Tad gave me a copper and glass kinetic sculpture as a birthday gift.   It stayed in the backyard for many years then the addition/garage project displaced it.  We have been tripping over the pieces of this sculpture in the garage for 2 years now.

Outdoor art

We have debated how to best install it as it does require a heavy base of some sort.

Several calls were made to the artist for suggestions.  Finally, a new base arrived from the artist.  It wasn’t quite what we expected.

More discussions ensued about options in light of the new base.  After discussing our few options multiple times (concrete, stone, metal, and every other heavy element on earth), we decided on a planter with concrete in the bottom to set the base.   It couldn’t be just any planter though – it had to be weather resistant (so it wouldn’t crack due to the extreme winter temperatures here in Colorado) – it had to be sort of heavy (but not so heavy we couldn’t move it) – it had to be square (that was Tad’s deal – not sure why but ok) – it had to work with the décor we already had going on the patio (that was my deal).  I searched locally but no luck.  I finally found a planter from Ballard Designs (the catalog) – perfect – made of some sort of resin/stone combination, 50ish pounds, 20”X20” square, worked with the décor.  We ordered it up – it arrived a week later – as you can see, Hanna was just as excited as I was.

Outdoor art Hanna

We mixed up a bag of concrete for the bottom of the planter.  The base of the sculpture was easily set level in the wet concrete.  The concrete hardened overnight. Tad installed the sculpture the next morning.  I wasn’t home for the install.  So when the deed was done, I received a message that was quite detailed.  It went something like this – “I used the example board to get a rough level. Then put the post on and adjusted the nuts to get it plumb. Then used the ladder to set the top on and tightened everything as needed. Then sprayed some lubricant on the ball bearings.  Cleaned the patio off some more and moved things back where they belong”

Outdoor art 2

There you have it – 2 years of planning/discussing/debating – project completed in 2 hours tops!

outdoor art 3

outdoor art 4

Well, sort of completed – we are thinking it needs plants or something in the planter to finish it off – Tad thinks we should make it into a side table of some sort – I’m not so sure about that – tune it later for a combo side table/ planting scape?