Cucumber Crime…

Three days ago I had three lemon cucumbers near harvest.  Today I go to check on them and they are MISSING!  Someone or some thing has stolen my cucumbers.  I realize it isn’t a felony, but what is the deal with that?  Was it a person, the neighbor, a squirrel, a fox (that was Tad’s suggestion), or big foot?




It’s not like I needed three more cucumbers.  I have five in the refrigerator right now and about thirty little ones still on the vine.  It is just weird – I am not even sure most people would realize it is a cucumber – being that it is round and yellow.


The issue I have is that someone unlatched our gate and made their way into our yard without an invitation – I don’t much like that idea.  Plus, it is a year this week that someone broke in to our house and took our stuff.  We have since installed a security system and some exterior door guards for the locksets.  Now I am thinking about installing a camera/web feed around the place to see who or what might be swiping the vegetables.  I am curious that way.  I am really hoping it was just a squirrel – or Big Foot…