Kitchen – the Homeowner’s Permit & inspections…

2 months from demo to rough in inspection…DSCN2003

Framing, electrical rough in, plumbing rough in and insulation inspections passed easily – despite me messing up the order of the electrical and framing inspections. Both of these inspections happened on the same day and I didn’t realize that one was supposed to occur before the other.  In other words, I didn’t read the permit instructions close enough  – you would think I would have noticed the red.


Drywall – A week later we had the drywall inspection.  Yes – a drywall inspection is required for the permit.  I thought this was kind of weird, but I suppose if it wasn’t secured properly it could fall and seriously cause injury.  Anyway, drywall is one of those things that people always say to hire out because these guys come in and get it done in a few hours and it turns our perfect – it is instant gratification.  I agree that a bad drywall job ruins a room immediately.  It is definitely something to think about before attempting it on you own – you need time, patience, and commitment to being detail oriented.  The other thing to consider is whether or not you are doing a large ceiling job.  The drywall boards are pretty heavy – so, you need a person or two to help with this.  I thought about all these things and felt pretty confident that we could hang the drywall ourselves.  I have done quite a bit of plaster repair work over the years.  Tad, however, wanted to get some bids – it was $1900 – that convinced him that we could do it ourselves – plus, Byron (the guy who helped with framing) had offered his services.  With Byron’s assistance, the drywall got done in a few evenings and we saved about $1500.  Byron also offered a great suggestion – he said to pencil a grid on the drywall where the studs are – so we know where to screw into the studs when securing the drywall – and so that the inspection goes off quickly. Sure enough – the inspector walked in , commented on the grid, signed us off, and was on his way in less than a minute.  Thanks Byron!


By the way, I do want to commend the city of Denver for their efficient inspection process. Basically, you call in the night before you want the inspection – before midnight – and they come out the next day.


In summary, it was exciting to have our work pass inspection – and being a bit more than 2 months into the project I thought I could see the finish line. Little did I know, it was a mirage – the finish line was still 3ish months away…