Kitchen – paint & color inspiration…

Drywall is up and sanded as smooth as a baby’s bum.  Next on the list…

Painting – I didn’t even think twice about whether or not we would do painting ourselves.  There are some situations where I would hire out painting – if the project involved high ceilings/walls that were too high to reach with a regular ladder (I am not a fan of heights) – or outdoor overall house painting (I did this once and it was a serious pain).  Otherwise, I love to paint.  Tad mans the roller and I generally do the brush work – we are a pretty good painting team.  This project involved just the ceiling and 2 small wing walls – very quick and easy – once we finally decided on the color (which, surprisingly, took a while.)


Color inspiration – My initial thought for our kitchen design was white, wood tones, and a bold paint color as an accent.  For some reason, my first thought on every design project seems to go to white and wood tones – I am not sure what that’s all about.  Anyway, I quickly decided that with the new open concept, white would be too contrasting and stark against our adjoining spaces (a green dining room/living room and an orange sunroom/mudroom).   So, how did we end up with our wall tile colors – a grey/green (our neutral base), a purple (as our accent), and a limey  yellow/green (to add some freshness)?  We found our inspiration in this tile – it is a small version of tiles decorating Coors Field – home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team. Tad likes baseball and baseball fields. I like flowers – especially purple flowers. It worked.


With the wall tile colors in mind, here are the 3 wall colors that made the final cut..

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 8.29.48 PM  DSCN1948

I am not sure what I was thinking with the orangey red of Moroccan Spice (Benjamin Moore AF-285) – maybe I was trying to tie in the relief tiles?  It totally doesn’t work – a bit overwhelming.

Wet Concrete   DSCN2024

Purple is my favorite color so it was the leading choice for a long time.  I liked Wet Concrete (Benjamin Moore 2114-40).  Eventually, I decided the purple was too cold (and pink?) with all the other grey going on in the space (countertops, floor, stainless appliances).

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 8.30.13 PM   Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 10.40.27 PM


Flowering Herbs (Benjamin Moore 514) won out in the end.  It is almost a perfect match to the grey/green wall tile I chose – a nice neutral – leaving the purple and the limey yellow/green as accents – and it worked well with the Brilliant Amber (Benjamin Moore 161) in the sunroom.

I realize that this little color scheme is maybe a bit unusual and atypical for some, but we really like it – it feels fresh and special to us.