Kitchen – countertops…

I went with concrete!  These countertops are amazing – environmentally friendly, cost comparable to stone, low maintenance, industrial in design (which is the look I was going for), and just crazy beautiful!


No – I did not do it myself – I hired this out. I did a fair amount of research on doing this myself – come to find out there is more to concrete countertops than just pouring concrete in a form.  In the end, I was happy to have the expertise of these guys – they came up with solutions to problems that I hadn’t even recognized.

Plus, I love that they talked me into the thicker edge – love it, love it, love it!


I also love that there is no overhang – the edge of the countertop is flush with the cabinets.


A side note of advice from the countertop guys – if you are going with a top mounted sink, a stainless sink might not be the best option. He says that stainless sinks rarely lay flat on the countertop – it usually flairs up on the corners. My sink is stainless and it is top mounted – the corners were actually flat but the center of the sink does bow up ever so slightly – so it doesn’t lay completely tight against the countertop – a little caulking to make sure the water doesn’t seep and a lesson learned.

Stainless Sink