Kitchen – the fun stuff…

5 months later – we passed our final inspection – the kitchen project is complete!

Time for accessories, a few new dishes, art, new knives, a new cutting board, new pots & pans, and the first meal.

My existing colorful canister set works perfectly.  The ceramic measuring cups were a kitchen warming gift from my friend, Lisa – and she hadn’t even see the kitchen yet – aren’t they perfect?!


My existing dishes worked out as well – mixed colorful Fiestaware (made in the USA).  I will admit that I bought a few limey green pieces  to match the limey green wall tile and  a few orange pieces to work in the adjacent sunroom orange wall color.


The Zebra with the birthday cake and a gift from my mom (glass and metal sculpture) – a little quirky – I like quirky.


New kitchen – New pots & pans…


I felt the need to have a decent sized cutting board – so I got one…


Then a few new knives to go with the new cutting board.


Finally, our first meal – corn muffins…


I’ve got one more kitchen post in the works. A summary of sorts – planning details, did it work out like it was supposed to (since we have now lived with it for a while), and a few highlights to remember…