The Organized Garden…

I started working on the south side yard the year we moved in – a long, long time ago.  I initially started with drought tolerant plants that are common and easy to care for, but maybe a bit boring after a while.  We didn’t have an irrigation system at the time.  I threw in a variety of ground covers – some of which have been very, very aggressive.  Next was the rose bush phase.  I then decided I needed variety – so, I basically planted one of everything.  What I eventually ended up with was overgrown and a bit messy – especially in comparison to the back part of this side yard.

Image 3

Over the last few years I tried to convince myself that the wild, overgrown thing was working.  I even tried to call it an English garden – it didn’t work.  I have been formulating a plan in my head all summer for a redo of this mess.  I want an organized/zoned garden that is easy to take care of and has more color.

What I did to get there:

The grape vine stays where it is.  I pulled up all the ground cover – and weeds.  I moved the flamingo to a new spot – peeking out from behind his own body.


Just kidding – this little pink legged flamingo is obviously not in our yard – he is in New Zealand – wouldn’t it be great though to have a real flamingo in my yard?!

Anyway, the flagstone pathway was reset closer to the house and made more meandering – with the flamingo peeking out from behind the willow shrub.


I replanted the gazanias all together – in an organized manner – as a border along the house.


I moved all my roses together to create a small rose garden.  They don’t look so hot at the moment – we will see how things look in the spring.


I moved the colorful miscellaneous plants to their own zone – the bee & butterfly zone I like to call it – blue fescue grasses, purple sage, coneflowers, black eyed susans, double bubble mint, coreopsis, butterfly bush, yarrow, hibiscus – and more.  As with the rose garden – this area doesn’t look like much right now, but hope springs eternal.


Finally, I replanted the rhubarb, tossed on some mulch, and bordered the house with pea gravel.


Call me a freak, but I like my stuff (including my plants) organized.  I can hardly wait for spring!