Bathroom – storage…

I sort of debated (not with any other person – just in my own mind) whether I was going to have enough storage in the new bathroom.  I like things organized – in cabinets and drawers.  As you might have seen in the last post, I opted for open storage directly below the sinks – leaving only two deep drawers in our new vanity.


I really like the tall, skinny storage cabinet in our other bathroom so had hoped to figure out something similar in the new bathroom.


In the end, there wasn’t a good spot for tall skinny storage in the new space.  My next thought was a Candace Olson/Divine Design creation – a shallow wall cabinet.  Sorry about the picture quality – it’s a scan from my Candace Olson design book.

Scan 1

The only open wall – above the toilet – wasn’t doable because a pocket door is housed in that wall.


Everybody tried to talk me into the traditional medicine cabinet behind the mirror thing.  I wanted storage that was a little deeper and taller than just a medicine cabinet.   My fourth and final thought was a built in about 8-10 inches deep to the side of the vanity.  This option seemed like my best option.  So, our contractor built out the wall an extra few inches.


I had the woodworker create a lovely built in cabinet.


I also made sure to add an outlet for Tad’s toothbrush.


We ended up with more storage space than we need between the two vanity drawers, the open vanity storage, and the built in cabinet.  My favorite features are the deep drawers (drawer access is so much easier than cabinet storage) and the outlet for Tad’s toothbrush (so I don’t have to look at a charging toothbrush on the countertop).


Our other storage is in the shower – for shampoo, soap and the like.  It is functional, easy to clean and pretty – the shelf is a solid quartz piece with a radius front (so the shower door doesn’t shatter against a corner if it accidently gets thrown back) and an interesting textured glass back.


Towel hooks – while technically not a storage item, towels are stored on hooks before and after use.  So, I am going to throw these in the storage category.   The hand towels were pretty straight forward.  An open ring in a brushed stainless finish.


Installed conveniently where you wash your hands – right below the sink.


The bath towels were a bit more of a challenge.  We don’t have any wall space in the bathroom itself for towel racks or hooks.  The room is long and skinny with the vanity occupying one wall – the shower and toilet on the opposite wall – and door openings opposite each other on the other two walls.  Some creativity was in order.  We have a small wall just outside the bathroom door.  It is just opposite our walk in closet so it seems like an extension of the bathroom – and a good place to hang drying towels.

Bathroom 2

It is an exposed brick wall (more on that later) so we added a wide strip of wood and hung some large unique hooks.


We are towel hook people – rather than towel rack people.  I know some people feel very strongly for or against hooks or racks – we find hooks easy to use and space saving.  The only problem with having the towels technically outside of the bathroom proper is that they are a bit out of reach when you step out of the shower.  To solve that problem, we decided to create a temporary towel hanging area right outside the shower.


On the way into the shower we grab our towel off the fish hook and place it on the temporary shower area hook.


We take a shower, open the door, grab the towel, dry off and on the way to the closet to dress we hang the towel back on the fish hook.


It works great.