Bathroom – quartz, exposed brick wall, doors, woodwork, lighting…

We talked about the biggies of this bathroom presentation – tile, vanity, storage.  We are down to the details now – the quartz, exposed brick wall, doors, woodwork, and lighting.

Countertops, shower threshold and shower shelf – We chose soft grey matte/honed quartz that we found as a remnant.  The grey wasn’t our first choice but it has worked out pretty great.  It complements the floor tile and the shower floor tile – being of the same color family it feels calm and unified.  The grey also ended up working out well with the turquoise backsplash tile and the cherry woodwork.  It has sort of a soft feel even though it is stone.  It’s nice.



Exposed brick wall – This wall is an exterior wall previously covered in plaster.  It used to be a closet.  I like exposed brick walls.  I’ve got one in my dining room that the previous owners did.  That particular wall still needs to be tuck pointed  on the interior.  We had the outside brick tuck pointed some time ago because you could see through to the outside.  Tad being concerned with energy efficiency doesn’t much care for exposed brick because of that dining room wall experience.  So, he will only tolerate a small amount of exposed brick here and there – though Tad was on board with this small bathroom hall wall.  I tried to get the contractor to help me out with this task.  He said it wasn’t possible without destroying the brick.  In other words, he just didn’t want to do it.  So, I decided to do it myself.  It took about a day to get all the plaster removed.  The mason who was doing the outside brick wall of our addition was nice enough to do a little tuck pointing.  I then sealed it with grout sealer.  I think it is a cool feature that was worth the time and effort.


Pocket door and barn door – We have 2 doors in our long skinny space on opposite walls.


We didn’t have room for the standard swing type doors so the pocket door and barn door are big space savers for us.  The barn door is one of my favorite features of the bathroom.  The door itself is cherry with frosted glass (same as the pocket door). The hardware is real barn door hardware.  I like it’s industrial look.  Tad isn’t fond of the sound of the door closing – it is louder that if we had used closet type hardware which has acrylic/plastic wheels (as opposed to the metal type wheels on the real barn door hardware.) I don’t mind the noisier sound.


Since we have moved into the new space we had a nicer, larger door guide made.  Previously it was a flimsy plastic thing that the contractor had installed.  This new guide provides increased stability for the door, improved/smoother functioning of the door, and it looks much better than a chipped piece of plastic.


Woodwork – It is a combination of cherry and maple.  The woodwork in the bathroom is the same as other parts of our house – designed by Tad.  I think it is a modern, simpler version of the original design the house used to have.  We obviously like it since we keep using it everywhere.


Lighting – The main lighting is recessed fixtures.  We didn’t have a lot of room for fancy fixtures.  We ended up with pendant fixtures over the sinks rather than sconces.  I searched far and wide for white, bright, clear lighting – surprisingly hard to find.  Anyway, under pressure, I got two of these small pendants for $30 at Lowe’s – one of the biggest bargains of the whole project.


The only other area where we could do something interesting with lighting was the hallway.  I initially thought I should keep it simple being there is a lot going on in a pretty small area with the exposed brick wall, decorative fish hooks, and the barn door.  I ended up with the complete opposite of simple.  I think it works though – because of the high ceiling and open, airy design of the fixture. It is a bit unexpected.

Fun Lighting