Bathroom – the final details…

The final details of our newest bathroom includes paint, all things metal, glass, art, fish hooks, a shower seat, and caulking.

Paint – I like vibrant colors.  I normally would never paint a wall white – or any other pale color for that matter.  Well, I did both in this bathroom.  I figured with the variety of tile colors going on in the bathroom, a neutral color would highlight the tile. I wanted to keep the tile looking like the star in the space. The vanity wall is painted a very pale green – as an accent.  The other three walls are white – with a slight yellow/green tint.  I think I am the only one that notices the pale green of the vanity wall…


Fixtures – I like polished chrome in the bathroom.  It feels clean and bright.  I like simple and sleek.  I also went with polished chrome on the shower door.  As much as I like polished chrome, I do like to mix up my metals a bit – for interest.  I kept with the simple, sleek style for cabinet hardware, towel rings, towel hooks, toilet paper holder, and vanity feet – but went with the brushed stainless finish on these items.  I think it works.







Outlet and switch plate covers – Fancy outlet and switch plate covers are sort of my thing. I decided on a simple patterned metal style that works well with the grey quartz, tile, and other metal finishes in the space.  It feels like art.


Glass – The textured rain glass is a cool decorative feature in our bathroom.  I am not really sure how this ended up in our space but I am happy it did.



Art – A new space is always an opportunity to support our local artists/business in my opinion.  We don’t have much room for art in the new bathroom but I did manage to find a few pieces.  I think the art closes the color gap between the red exposed brick and the pale green and turquoise tile.  The first is a series of three by the same artist.  I don’t think he is a local guy but a local frame shop /gallery carries his work and it is all original and unique.  The second are 2 prints (hand printed) by a local artist – very delicate and beautiful.  The bat is felted wool – procured at a fun craft show last Christmas season – a bit quirky.  Finally, everyone needs a horseshoe somewhere – you know the good luck thing and all.





Fish hooks – I wanted something big enough to hold bath towels.  I wanted something unique and fun. I searched all the local haunts and hardware stores – no luck.  I searched the internet for hours – I became a little obsessed. I finally stumbled upon these.  The function is perfect.  The design is fun.


Shower seat – I searched for the smallest teak seat I could find.  The teak adds a bit of warmth to the hard, cool surrounding surfaces.  It’s  movable. It’s nice.


Caulking – It might seem a bit odd to call caulking a detail but it makes a huge difference in cleaning up the tile in the shower, in the corners, around the sink, along the backsplash, between the Schluter and the wall – pretty much everywhere there might be a gap.  I could write an entire post just about the merits of caulking – and I may do just that in the future.  Suffice it to say, caulk is my favorite finishing tool/treatment.



Stay tuned for one more post about the bathroom coming up – a final summary/interview of what we like best, the hardest part of the remodel, where we saved money, what we would do differently if we did it all over again, and more…