Shade – finally installed…

I last posted about our shade dilemma/solution 9 weeks ago – with the promise of followup within “2-3 weeks”.  I am pleased to announce that we now have shade!


There were a few reasons it took 6-7 weeks longer than expected.  First of all, they told me it would only take 2-3 weeks and I believed them.  I probably should have known 2-3 weeks was optimistic.  Anyway, it took them longer than expected to fabricate our shade system.  Then, it took a week to schedule the install.  Once installed, there were a few details that needed fixing.  First, I noticed that the wood along the house where they installed the cable hardware was bowed out from the house.  I also noticed some small holes in the panels themselves.  The holes were odd – they were sort of melted.  Then I realized that the guys had bunched up the shade in a messy way against the house after installation.  The shade panel was touching the halogen recessed lights – which caused melting of the shade. I debated for an hour with myself about whether or not I was going to make them come back and fix it.  In the end, I decided that I paid a lot of money for these things – and paid a lot for installation – and I learned my lesson with other projects (like my kitchen cabinetry) – I would be unhappy for a long time to come if I didn’t get it right now.  We also had discussed the recessed lighting situation on several occasions – so, it wasn’t like it was an unknown issue.  I called them up and presented the problems I had noticed.  They came out the next day and immediately fixed the wood bowing out from the house problem.  A week later we also had two new shade panels (no holes) neatly folded up against the house.


We will shop for outdoor LED bulbs for our recessed fixtures in case the shade gets bunched up wrong against the house again.  The LEDs stay cool and won’t melt the shade fabric.  For now, we have removed the halogen bulbs.


This company was great to work with – great customer service, great product, really nice people.  I don’t care that it took longer than expected.  People who stand behind their products and services are rare these days.

We have shade – just in time for Thanksgiving!  Before and after below – we will follow up in the spring to report how great the shade is…



Next steps for this outdoor room :

1.  Find a new home for our old teak table, chairs, and umbrella – anybody need a teak dining table, 4 chairs, and an umbrella?

2. Purchase (or make) a new outdoor dining table that works with our new chairs and lounge furniture.

3.  String lighting – but not just any string lighting – Tad has something specific in mind.

4.  Decide on a water feature – Tad wants a huge water feature that dances to music and all (like the Bellagio in Las Vegas) – I will be happy with a little fountain of some sort.