Bathroom – grout repair…

In the last bathroom post, I had grout repair on the Still To Do List.  It has been repaired.  I can cross it off the list – for now.  I say “for now”, because I wonder if it will have to be done again in the future.  This is the second repair to our shower floor tile (2 different non adjacent areas) that I have had to redo since it was installed – by a professional…


I initially thought I just needed to repair the grout.  Upon closer inspection, some of the stones were actually loose .  So, the repair involved a lot more than a little grout.  Here is the play by play – actually, the day by day of shower tile repair by Kellee.

Saturday – I removed all the loose tiles and grout.  I also chiseled down the bumpy thin set and cleaned up the back of the stone tiles.  This mini screw driver was the only tool needed.


Sunday – a little bit of a mind teaser.  I tried to put the puzzle back in place.  I had two pieces of stone left over no matter how I rearranged the stones.  After about an hour of arranging and rearranging, I admitted defeat.  I mixed up some thinset, had Tad reshape a few stones on the grinder  to fit better, and stuck them down best I could – level and well spaced.  Note the two lone left over stones – sad.


Later on Sunday evening we were at the electronics store.  We were checking out the iPads.  I pulled up the blog and was showing Tad the bathroom post where I talk about the cracked grout still being on the To Do List.  Tad then mentions that I should have taken a before picture of the stones so I could have put them back in the correct order.  At that moment, I pointed out that the photo we were looking at was in fact the before picture.  I sort of  chuckled – in embarrassment.  I didn’t even think about looking at the photo I had snapped a few days prior to starting this project.  Sometimes, I’ve got no sense.

Well, here it is – the before and after puzzle photo.  Yep, I totally messed it up.  I think I only got four of them back in their original spots…

DSCN2571         DSCN2678

Monday – 24 hours post “I’ve got no sense” moment – or more importantly, 24 hours of drying thinset.  It’s time for grout.  Natural grey grout mixed with Grout Boost for added grout strength and durability.  I mixed it a little wetter than usual so I could make sure to get grout in all the joints and crevices.



Tuesday – Day #1 of drying grout- the anticipation…


Wednesday – Day #2 of drying grout – a little like watching water boil – except worse…


Thursday – Day #3 of drying grout – also, Thanksgiving Day…


Finally, it is time for sealer.  I also sealed the walls this time around.  I had previously scrubbed the walls and used a bleach based cleaner to whiten the grout (sorry to you environmentalists out there – I use only environmentally friendly cleaners all other times).  The sealer is low VOC, satin finish, and really easy to apply – even for someone with little sense.  Just brush it on with a foam brush.  After 5 minutes or so, soak up the puddles that are still visible. Let it dry 30 minutes.  Repeat the process a second time.  Let it dry for at least 2 hours.  Dribble some water on the surface. The water should bead up.  It does – even though you can’t see it in the picture!


Friday – the day after Thanksgiving.  The sealer has cured overnight.


A mini screw driver, a mind teaser, two less stones, some thinset, a brief embarrassing moment in the electronics store,  some grout, some Grout Boost, a three day wait that bored even the rubber ducks, a turkey dinner, some sealer, and a hope that this is the last repair needed.  It is good to use our nice shower again.