Christmas vignettes…

Christmas is this week – crazy – it has really snuck up on me this year.  I was hoping to show off a few of my Christmas vignettes over the last week.   However, I decided my decor is somewhat lacking in – dazzle – or garland – or something.  In other words, no amount of festive description or photo editing can make my holiday decor  a “completed” project this year.  So, instead, I have spent the last week critiquing my holiday decor and making a list of things to improve for next year.  Here is the basic list…

Our tree is lovely this year – in my opinion – see it here.  Though, Tad mentions the missing tree skirt every year and I say “will do – next year”.  I promise you, next year the tree will have a skirt!


Our fireplace mantel features my tree collection.  I like it.  It’s simple.  In general, I like simple, but am feeling like my little tree vignette is too simple.  It lacks “layering” – I think?  My plan is a string of battery operated mini lights – at the very least…


The dining table.  I usually hang these purple jeweled ornaments from the light fixture, get some fresh holiday flowers, and call it good.  My plan for next year is create a more interesting flower arrangement/centerpiece – some sticks and berries and pine branches?  Maybe, even a holiday table runner…


The stockings.  I am the only one in our house with a stocking.  I feel a little bad that Tad and Hanna don’t have their own stockings.  I feel a little sewing/craft/applique project in my future.


This cute stuffed bear makes an appearance every year.  Next year he will get a bow and some Christmas pillows to lounge around with.


I’ve got a few mini trees that I usually place in other rooms.  One displays six beautifully hand carved ornaments – in my office area.  The other displays some whimsical small ornaments not easily seen on our larger tree – in the kitchen. I like the idea of a small tree in each room.  However, I am not loving the actual trees that I have  So, I will be looking to find some new/better/more interesting/ unique trees for the sunroom/office and kitchen next year.



I recently inherited some antique ornaments from my grandparents.  I wanted to display the ornaments but I didn’t have room on the tree.  I ended up with some shredded accordion paper  as a display area.  I like the accordion paper.  Though, it feels like the vignette needs something more.  Maybe, a few bows…



My outside decorating is, frankly, a bit boring – a wreath, a few lighted fake branches, and some plastic baubles hanging on the big bird.  Thankfully, mother nature has helped a few times this year with a dusting of snow.  I don’t want to go crazy with a bazillion lights dancing to music, but I think a little upgrade is in order.  I like the whole natural, slightly rustic feel for outside decorating – live garland, pinecones, berries, naked tree branches.  I also would like to decorate the big bird – I just can’t decide if I should go tasteful or tacky…


 One final thought for next year’s holiday decorating is to that I want to mix it up.  I tend to place the tree in the same spot every year.  Same for the decorative items – the tree collection on the mantel, the whimsical ornaments in the kitchen, the hand carved ornaments in the office.  I think placing things in different areas of the house will help  to make things more fun, festive and unexpected. Oh, it’s going to be crazy around here next year!

Wishing everyone out there a peaceful and happy Christmas. Enjoy.