The Closet – our New Year’s project…

We rang in the New Year by cleaning out and cleaning up our closet.  I like that 2014 has started out with a bit of organization around here.  Woo hoo!

It started with Tad’s new socks.  I gave him 12 pairs of crazy socks for Christmas.  So, Tad’s sock drawer needed to be cleared out to make room for his new socks.


I also got a few clothing items for Christmas. I am of the camp that lives by the rule “if you get something new, you get rid of something old.”  So, I did just that – and a little more.  A few years ago, I decided that I would only wear (and keep) comfortable, well fitting clothes.  I got rid of everything uncomfortable, too small, too big, ugly, tattered, sentimental, stained, etc.  This left me with a small amount of clothes.  At first, it was a little funny living with such a limited amount of options – but I have adjusted – and I like it.   What this means for me is now I don’t buy clothes unless it fits perfectly and is the perfect color and style – it has to look good and feel good – or I don’t buy it.   This saves me serious closet space and, of course, money.  I like having a little extra of both – space and cash.

I don’t really have any before and after pictures because I keep the closet pretty organized most of the time – the pictures wouldn’t be that dramatic.  Also, I suspect nobody wants to see a picture of me dusting rods and hangers or wiping down shelves – again not very dramatic.  What is exciting about this is that I – just – got – it – done!  You might ask exactly how I got it done – because  you are trying to get motivated yourself, or you might be having a slow day and need something to read/do, or you are just the curious sort?  Here goes…

One of Tad’s favorite sayings is “How do you eat an elephant?”  I say “I don’t eat elephants”.  His answer is “one bite at a time”.  So, there you have it – I tackled this cleaning/organizing project one bite at a time (or one area at a time).  I picked an area.  I sorted, tossed/donated, dusted/wiped down, and folded/rehung.  Then, I moved on to the next area.

My folded t-shirts, tops, shorts, tights and such were first.


On to the hanging clothes next.  I have the bottom rack.  I arranged my clothes by skirts, pants, sweaters, long sleeves, and then short sleeves.  The top rack is Tad’s – his are always pretty organized so I didn’t have to do any organizing or sorting there.  I then dusted the rods and hanger tops.


I have a small area where I hang longer items – sweaters, wraps, dresses.  I keep my cocktail dresses in the dress bag since I don’t wear these very often.  I dusted the bag off,  and dusted the rod and hanger tops here, as well.


On the opposite wall is Tad’s work clothes.  A few sweaters on the top shelf got refolded.  Again, Tad keeps his hanging clothes pretty organized already so all I needed to do here was dust the rods and hanger tops.


Next, the long top shelf got cleared off and wiped down. The clothes – jeans, Tad’s shorts and sweat shirts – all got refolded and placed back in their assigned spots.


Nearly finished!  I had Tad go through two shelves of  t-shirts.  Tad loves his t shirts.  I am going to guess that he’s got several hundred scattered around the place.  Anyway, he got rid of 7 or 8 – yay!  He reorganized them by color.  I wiped down the shoe shelves and dusted off a few shoes that don’t get worn very often.


I don’t debate or waiver about when I last wore something or whether or not I will ever wear it again – none of that business.  I just decide by asking myself if it is comfortable and well fitting. If the answer is yes to both questions, then I keep it.  If the answer is no to either question, I get rid of it.  Really simple.  Life is too short for uncomfortable, bad fitting clothes.

To wrap everything up, I vacuumed the floor and wiped it clean with floor cleaner.  I stood back and admired my work.  I stopped back by a few times over the next few hours just to soak up my success…


Time it took to do this little New Year’s project?   Only about 1.5 hours.  Seriously.  It was quick, easy, and left me with a sense of accomplishment.  It’s the small things…