All roads lead to the Sunroom – and my workspace…

I’ve talked a bit about the sunroom lately – like why I chose orange for the space and how my custom made, stripy, zebra like desk made it to my work area within the sunroom.  I haven’t actually shown you the sunroom in detail though.  So, here goes – Ta Daaa – The Sunroom…


The sunroom was created when we built our addition – out of necessity.  What I mean by the space resulting from necessity is that it is a big transition area.  At a minimum, it is the connection to and from the basement, garage, and outdoor space with the rest of the house.  It is about 11′ X 14′ in size .  So, pretty sizable.  Pardon the chicken scratch of a sketch below, but I thought it would be good to show a bird’s eye view of what I am referring to.  Our sunroom is the center of a pinwheel, per say (did I use “per say” correctly?)

Scan 15

Imagine yourself standing in the center of our pinwheel (aka sunroom).

The center is my workspace and desk.


Looking to my left (as if I were sitting at my desk) is the kitchen.


Moving clockwise in the space.  The stairs to the basement are next.  Remember our naked tree wallpaper?


Then, we’ve got the mudroom – my favorite space in the house.


Which, in turn, provides access to the garage –


and our outdoor space, the courtyard.


Next, the turquoise room through the door


is the laundry room.


The master bathroom is located directly behind my workspace – behind the big orange wolves –


accessed through the laundry room.


The closet is behind the wall to the left of my workspace – behind the storage cabinet, globe, and Percuvial the penguin –


and behind the kitchen niche that is around the corner.


The closet is accessed through the laundry room and master bath.


There is also access to the closet, master bath, laundry room, and sunroom from the future master bedroom.  It’s like a big circular race track.


As you can see, all roads really do lead to the sunroom.  Because of this,  I think a lot of people would not consider this hub area ideal for a workspace.  I might agree if I needed private space for a lot of phone calls or intense concentration.  I don’t.  The location of my work area within the sunroom came about as a result of not really knowing what to do with the space.  It was unassigned space so I saw an opportunity for a bright and cheery work area.  What I do like about the space is that it is open and accessible to our other work type areas – the kitchen and the laundry room.  I can get meals ready or fold clothes while listening in on a work meeting. Also the open, visible location of my work area necessitates that I keep my area uncluttered and cleaned up.  Many people would consider this a negative.  I don’t.  It motivates me to keep things organized and minimal.  I like that. I need that.