Fair warning, I am going to sound like a commercial for Home Depot and Philips LEDs in this post.  They are not paying me to promote their stuff.  Though, I wish they were because how often do you get paid to promote something that you like?  So, in summary, I will not be held liable for any decisions you make (or don’t make) in regards to shopping at Home Depot or purchasing these LEDs or any other LEDs for that matter :)  Plus, I am not a light bulb, LED, or energy expert. Seriously though – these LEDs are the best and Home Depot has them at a pretty good price if you are in the market…


As mentioned, in the previous post I had an unplanned purchase of 8 LED bulbs over the weekend.  We were at Home Depot purchasing a hole cutter for the purpose of installing the final recessed light in our kitchen.  We happened to have lighting on the brain so we decided to check out the LEDs while we were at it.  We have been talking about replacing our less efficient light bulbs with LEDs, but the price of this newer technology and the fact that I couldn’t find a light that I liked (bright, but warm) has been an obstacle for us.

When we had our outdoor shades installed a few months ago, we were instructed to switch to LEDs because the heat from halogen or incandescent bulbs was damaging to the shade fabric.  You can review that story here should you have an interest.


At that time, I had purchased a couple of different LEDs to try out.  The first bunch I purchased were pretty bright but had that fluorescent tint – kind of whitish blue – very stark and harsh – not what I was looking for.  I showed Tad my findings and he pointed out that I had the wrong kind of light.  I had chosen the bright white rather than the soft white.  Once we were back at the store, Tad also pointed out a few other details that I had overlooked.  A mistake like that could cause elimination on The Amazing Race – you would think I would learn.  Anyway, Tad pointed out that I should be looking at Lumens rather than wattage with LEDs when considering the quantity/output of the light.  For quality, I should be looking at the descriptor such as “soft white” vs “bright white” or “natural light”.  After much discussion and comparison of products, we ended up with the Philips, 10.5 watt/730 lumens, dimmable, soft white LED.


This is my bulb of choice – though technically I don’t think LEDs are bulbs, but I’m not sure what to call these otherwise – so bulb it is for now.  The Philips brand has the most light output with 730 lumens for comparable wattage use, it has a nice warm color/quality, and it dims like an incandescent bulb.  A month or so ago these LEDs were $20 each so we only bought three.  The Philips 10.5W/730L dimmable flood LED is now only $12.97 at Home Depot!  The package says they last up to 22.8 years so I think $12.97 is pretty good price.

At this new low price, we opted to trade out our kitchen incandescent and CFL recessed flood bulbs for these LEDs.   They look great on or off in our 5 inch fixtures.


Tad thinks that the LEDs  are brighter than the incandescents and CFLs.  He thinks that the LEDs might even be too bright.   I like the extra brightness.


They are on a dimmer so that shouldn’t be an issue.  Tad can just dim a bit if it is too bright for him.  Here we are at half dimmed.


We have 6 inch recessed cans in other areas of our house and I will say this bulb doesn’t look as good in those cans.


It looks kind of small.  While looking around, we noticed that there are some LEDs that have the recessed can trim piece as part of the LED itself so it cleans up the 6 inch can look so you can’t see empty black space around and behind the smallish LED.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 7.30.11 PM

We looked at some of those but the lumen output was a bit less.  We think this type of LED will be nice in the future when we go to change out our other incandescent or CFL bulbs – that are in 6 inch cans.  Right now, though, the price is about $35-$100 each.  So, I am hoping for increased lumen output and a price drop in the future – when we go to purchase additional LEDs for the house.