There’s a Christmas gift in the house…

I want to say first and foremost, that by Tad’s admission I “out clevered” him with the gift giving at Christmas.  It wasn’t the gifts themselves – because all the gifts were great.  It was the presentation that got the “out clevered” recognition.


Tad is difficult to give gifts to – he never really gives any hints of what he wants.  He is particular about clothes so I don’t buy those.  Well, except for socks.  If you recall, I got him a dozen pair of crazy socks for Christmas.  Even socks were a bit of a risk, but he does seem to like the socks and has been wearing them regularly. He likes electronics but is also pretty particular about the specifics – so, I am not going to buy any electronics.  I try not to buy stuff that just sits around.  Tad likes tools, but I think we’ve got every tool a homeowner would ever possibly need. Plus, I got him tools last year so I wasn’t wanting to do the same thing this year.

A year ago Christmas, I gave Tad a book of walking tours around Denver.  The book was an after thought and only $20.  I believe I mentioned this book last summer when I found a really cool sofa pillow while on one of these walks.  Anyway, this book ended up being one of the better gifts I have given.  We had set a goal for ourselves of completing all 30 walks by the next Christmas.  It got us out of the house.  It got us out to neighborhoods we had never been to.  We learned new stuff/old history about Denver – including our own neighborhood.  It was great exercise.  It was totally fun.  We completed all the walks with a month or so to spare before our Christmas goal.  It was memorable.

Walking Denver

I wanted to do something just as memorable this year, but nothing surfaced.  So, I had to get creative.  I had three ideas for Tad’s main gift.  I thought about it for quite a while – like 2 months.  I was indecisive.  So, I decided to let Tad choose – sort of.  I hid 3 envelopes in a Christmas stocking.  Each envelope had a card with the “prize” inside.  I labeled the envelopes “This”, “That” and “The Other”.  I made sure that I didn’t know what was in which envelope either (by mixing the envelopes up after sealing them and before labeling them) so I didn’t sway his choice at all.


The rules were that Tad could pick one at a time.  He could forfeit the opened envelope if he wanted to pick another – unopened envelope.  Once he forfeited an already opened envelope though, he couldn’t go back.  He picked  “The Other” – which ended up being a desk chair.


Tad debated whether or not he wanted to trade the desk chair for one of the other unopened/unknown gifts.  He tried to get me to change the rules.  He tried to get me to tell him what was in the other envelopes.  I did not give in.  I stood strong.  In fact, the other two gifts are still secret – locked in my brain for possible future gift ideas.  Tad opted to keep the desk chair and not risk something that he might not like as much.  Plus, he had been talking about and looking at desk chairs for a while.  By “a while”, I mean years.  Tad had been doing research and had already narrowed it down to two different chairs.

He ended up with this one.  There were a bunch options – different colors and various features – so, it was special order.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 6.00.44 PM

The chair arrived last week.  It is everything Tad thought it would be.


This chair has pretty grey leather, soft grey trim, some brushed aluminum, and a bunch of levers that adjust the seat, back, arm rests, and height.


Oh – and lumbar support.


Tad’s little corner of the unfinished basement…


just got a little bit better and little more comfortable with his new desk chair.


And, I get to be the most clever person in the house for another 10 months or so…