Pops of pattern, cowboys, aliens & orange sapphires…

I’m picky about patterns.  Not prickly – just picky.  I like patterns that surprise.

I think I am not generally drawn to large swaths of pattern in my overall environment.  I have never in my entire life brought home patterned drapery panels. I also tend to avoid patterned bath towels and bed covers.  However, I looked around the place and found that I have more pattern in my life than I would have expected – including two large “swaths” of it.

I do love the cow print floor tiles in our mudroom.  I didn’t bring this large scale, graphic pattern home specifically for the mudroom, but I am glad it made it’s way there.


Then, there is our naked tree wall treatment in the basement.  This large scale, contrasting pattern feels like an amazing piece of artwork.


I think graphic, contrasting, non-serious is my thing when it comes to patterns.

You always hear about people using “pops of color” to add interest to an otherwise neutral space.  I think I prefer to use “pops of pattern” to add interest to my space.  It feels more personal to me.  It feels like pops of art.

I could stare at this throw for hours.  It’s repetitive and calming, but not overwhelming.  I like that I can fold it up for a less intrusive pattern.


I like patterns that peek out.  For example,  it’s exciting every night to pull back the solid white bed covers and discover bright patterned graphic sheets.  It’s art on my bed – and it is surprisingly calm.


The kitchen is the other place I have patterns that peek out.  I love opening my kitchen linen drawer.  It’s happy.  It’s fun.  A new pattern is created every week when I put the freshly laundered towels and cloths away.  It’s bright blocks of color and a lovely pop of pattern in my kitchen drawer!


So – I’ve got a thing for dish towels.  I like colorful, interesting patterned dish towels.  I found this little blue checked, ric rac, vintage inspired cowboy patterned towel a few years ago.  I think it feels a bit retro – like a picnic – in a Colorado sort of way.  I like ric rac.  I like a little retro.  I like picnics.  I like Colorado.  I like my cowboy dish towel.  It’s my kind of kitchen art.  Weirdly – it also makes me think of aliens.


Yes, aliens.  Have you ever seen Unsealed Alien Files?  I am fascinated with the whole alien thing.  I’m not obsessed.  I wouldn’t want to be abducted and probed by aliens or anything like that, but I might want to have some tea and cucumber sandwiches with an alien.  That could be kind of fun.  Anyway, I feel like my cowboy dish towel and alien pottery go together – cowboys and aliens are explorers, adventurers, pioneers – at least in my mind.  When I see my cowboy dish towel and alien pottery together, it feels like a story – not a real story – an imaginary one – of exploring, of newfound adventures, of pioneering places unknown.


Because I’ve got a thing for dish towels, I am always on the look out for something new.  The market has been seriously lacking in great dish towels for quite some time – maybe,  a couple of years.  So, imagine my excitement when I happened upon some perfect colors, patterns, and textures at Crate & Barrel.  I was pretty happy!  When I saw this cute little old fashioned tractor and veggie print, I swarmed – and swooned.  It has artichokes and radishes on it!  These remind me of simpler, maybe, more beautiful times.


Crate & Barrel also had some pretty amazing solid color, waffle textured towels that I couldn’t resist.  These don’t match my kitchen or anything in the house for that matter – but I got one in every color anyway.  I think these would be described as jewel toned – very saturated – nothing muted here.  Emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and more sapphires (did you know that sapphires come in pretty much every color including orange?) – beautiful, clear, crisp colors.


I figure I could pair these with my cowboy towel when I serve tea and cucumber sandwiches to my alien friends.  Those aliens will think they are in the company of royalty with all the jewel tones around this place.