Bugs be gone…

To start with – we don’t have bugs.  Well, we don’t have bad or gross bugs.  I just want to set the record straight from the beginning.  Ok.

We do have a little spider or those mini fruit flies occasionally.  That’s what this post is about – a little spider and those pesky little fruit flies.  It’s probably a relief for most of you that you won’t have to look at bad or gross bugs here.  For the rest of you – those that were looking forward to some bad bugs – sorry to disappoint.

For some time now – like a year or so – I’ve had a few mini fruit flies and a mini spider appear within 2 pieces of artwork.  Maddening.


This is artwork that isn’t all that personal to me, but I like that it is large, somewhat interesting, and has some pretty nice colors in it.  It is, however, impossible to get a decent photograph with it’s highly reflective glass.


I actually got this artwork for someone else a few years ago.  She declined to hang it in her house – it reminded her of blood cells. I think about her comments every time I look at these, but I don’t really see it. Officially, the pieces are called “Garden Party”. I definitely don’t see a garden party either. I don’t know. I am not one of those people who has to figure out art or find a meaning in it. I either like the way it looks or I don’t. I am an art simpleton. All I see here are some lovely shapes and colors. That’s enough for me.



Anyway, I have been thinking about replacing these for a while but haven’t really found anything I like better.  The pieces came already framed, but not really properly sealed from the bugs that found it an interesting place to go to die.


I had been kind of dreading doing this because I thought it would take forever to do – and as mentioned earlier, I wasn’t sure I was going to keep the artwork.  Last week I had a mandatory work meeting – a phone meeting from home.  The meeting was a serious dud – as many meetings are.  It was comparable to those awards shows on TV – without the accompanying fashion to provide some entertainment. There were a lot of people I don’t know, thanking people I don’t know and will likely never know.  I struggled to not lose my mind.  I started looking around to see if there was something productive I could do during this meeting.  I spotted the dead fruit flies and spider carcass in my artwork.  I decided to just get it done.

I bent back the little picture tacks to remove the print. Carefully, I dusted the print itself off.  The bugs got vacuumed up and out of the frame and off the glass.  I cleaned the glass.  Then, I put everything back together.  At this point, I discovered that I didn’t really have anything to seal off the print with.  This isn’t fine art that is at risk of disintegrating at any moment – so, I decided to just use some masking tape to block future bug access.  Of course, I then discovered that I didn’t have enough masking tape on hand to complete both frames.  I had to run out to the hardware store.  I returned with masking tape, got the frames taped off, and sealed tight against any future bugs.


Less than an hour later, the meeting on the phone was still going strong as I finished up this little task – speeches about nothing, people thanking people, etc.

The bugs are gone – for good – I hope.