An old boxcar gets a new life…

An old boxcar gets a new life as my office storage cabinet. I hope…


Way back in January, I talked about cleaning out my file drawers and paring down my office supplies to only what I needed – and rewarding myself for getting it done.  Well – I’ve done it. The cleaning out has occurred. It is time for the reward. Thus, the new storage cabinet made from an old boxcar.

My goal was to get my paperwork down to a single file drawer and get rid of all my excess office supplies – so I could replace my existing storage cabinet with something smaller.  I figure I now only need about half the amount of space to efficiently store my office supplies as I currently have. This is perfect because I want a cabinet that is about half the size of the one I currently have.  It’s pretty convenient (and nice) when things work out like that.

The things I like about my current storage cabinet are many. I like that the big bulky printer fits inside it. I like that it is solid wood and good construction. I like that the file drawers are sturdy with high quality hardware. I like that it is a nice piece of furniture – stylish, good design.


There is only one thing I don’t like about the current storage cabinet – and it really is only due to my new surrounding space rather than the cabinet itself. It is simply too large for the small, open space.


So – the requirements for my new cabinet are pretty specific:

  • I want it to be 42-44 inches wide X 22-24 inches deep X 28-29.5 inches high.
  • I want it to be up on a base rather than sitting directly on the floor. It’s easier to clean around and I think it appears less bulky.
  • I still want to be able to enclose the printer in one side – preferably the right side.
  • An adjustable shelf would be nice on the printer side so I could optimize the storage space on that side.
  • 2 file drawers on the other side – preferably the left side – to accommodate letter sized files.
  • I want good construction, quality hardware, and a stylish design.
  • I want natural wood rather than painted wood as the finish.
  • I want it to work design wise with our maple flooring, natural cherry baseboards/window trim, rusty finish stair railings and desk base, and the zebrawood desk top.




Come to find out, it’s a bit more difficult than I thought it would be to find something that connects maple, cherry, zebrawood, and rusty looking metal. I searched my favorite furniture stores. I searched my not so favorite furniture stores. I searched stores I’ve never been to. I did a lot of searching. I decided custom was the way to go, but then couldn’t decide on the wood species. Well – last week I was out and about – just wandering and walking. I ended up in a local store called Revampt. They sell goods that are made from recycled materials – including custom furniture made from salvaged wood. Really beautiful stuff – creative, artistic, good quality.

Interestingly, I think an old mahogany boxcar is going to be my new office cabinet – custom made from Revampt.  I seriously would have never thought about mahogany because I think I only have ever seen it stained dark. I prefer lighter wood tones over dark. This mahogany in its natural state (as in not stained) is the perfect link between cherry, maple, zebrawood and rusty metal. It’s eclectic – in a good way I think. I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect.


I am so excited about this that I couldn’t wait for the finished product to arrive. Sorry, I know you would rather see the real thing, but the rendering is kind of cool.

Kellee Miller

Kellee Miller1

The reason I say “An old boxcar gets a new life as my office storage cabinet. I hope…” is because I am waiting on the cost estimate of my very custom piece of furniture. I just hope it is in my price range.