What is it?

You might think I have lost my mind? Maybe – a little…

You might think that I’ve not got enough to do? Likely not the case, but occasionally I do have a little insomnia – and this is the perfect project for the middle of the night when insomnia sets in…

What is it?


You might recognize the neighbor’s garage in this picture. I recently talked about the shedding roof and it being a haven for rodents and such. So, you can deduce that this thing is intended for outside use. After all, it is hanging outside. And – the “haven for rodents and such” is a hint.

I actually made this thing from an odd shaped gourd,


some paint,


left over caulk,


and a weather protectant/sealer.

Since it is technically organic and edible (minus the caulk), I hope that the squirrels don’t discover that it could be a tasty snack. It doesn’t sound very tasty, but those squirrels will eat anything. They sometimes eat the fence pickets in desperation – or maybe they do it just to annoy me.

Anyway, back to the task at hand…

The concept of this little painted gourd is similar to a scarecrow. It’s supposed to scare away something.

It’s made to look like something that is built in nature…?


It’s a fake wasps nest!?

I realize that wasps nests aren’t decorated with glass beads and wire, but I needed to do something to spruce up that grey gourd. I am hoping that the wasps think the glass beads are fellow wasps – from afar.

I don’t like wasps near my outdoor living space.

We seem to have our fair share of wasps each summer. Most recently, the neighbor’s garage has been a haven for a pretty large wasp colony. Their garage is near our outdoor space so the wasps are kind of pests for us.

I feel bad hanging the yellow traps around and killing them off. Though, that is what I have done in the past because my fear of getting stung outweighed my desire to preserve the planet.

This year I wanted to try something different. I wanted to scare them away rather than trap them.

I stumbled upon this fake wasp nest thing while looking for garden inspiration ideas. It is from Gardner’s Supply Company.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.13.00 PM

Apparently, wasps are pretty territorial so they won’t build a nest in the area of another wasp community. Wasps are supposed to mistake these fake nests for real nests and quickly move along.

These commercially manufactured fake nests are made of paper and are intended for protected areas like patios. I searched around for a weather resistant one, but no go. Thus, my painted gourd – it should last longer than a paper version – unless the squirrels starting snacking.

Functional and decorative?

Possibly, an interesting sociological experiment as my summer entertainment – we’ll see?

Call me crazy now, but if this works…