It’s not a garden without a gnome…

I don’t think I could ever live in a community where garden art is not allowed. Garden art makes me smile. Garden art makes me happy. It’s unexpected. It’s like finding treasure in the landscape.

The latest addition to our little urban landscape are some fairy tale mushrooms. These are a birthday gift from my mom. It’s a little early by several months, but she said I could open my gift and enjoy them sooner than later – so I did. Thanks Mom! They create a nice little story book forest for my one and only gnome. After all, it’s not a garden without a gnome.


I don’t know why everybody doesn’t decorate their yard with garden art.


Our neighborhood is full of garden art/yard art inspiration…

This nearby garden amuses me.  These people have serious you know what.  I am not sure I could pull off this much garden art. What I like about this yard is that it is… well, un-natural… seriously un-natural.  And, I kind of like the idea that the neighbors are probably somewhere between oddly fascinated and on the verge of being appalled by this scene.  They’ve got everything – a tree dressed up like a hula girl, an entire gnome village, little wheelbarrows for the gnomes, frogs, statues, faux flowers, and more. It’s crazy!


At the other extreme, is the restrained approach to garden art.  Look closely – it is a single, small gnome overlooking this yard. I find it funny. I love the minimalism.


We live in Bronco country (as in the Denver Broncos) so a neighborhood is not complete without some sort of tribute to the Broncos. Go orange and blue!


These panels that screen a garage wall make a large, cool artistic statement…


It happens that I have a piece of outdoor art made by the same local neighborhood artist…


I aim to keep my garden art/yard art style somewhere between tasteful (but not snooty) and fun (but not completely over the top tacky)…

Previously, I’ve shown (and talked about) the kinetic art decorating our outdoor courtyard.

Outdoor art

It can also be seen from inside the house. It is located in the perfect spot because even the slightest breeze sends it spinning.


Probably the most talked about piece of garden art we have is the big red piranha we procured years ago from an artist in the neighborhood. He’s got a little rust going on but that’s ok with me. He is located in a special spot where we can see him from our outdoor courtyard and from our mudroom inside as we sit on the bench to put on/take off our shoes. On a bit of a side note, this piranha looks like someone I know.  I wish I could show you pictures side by side the piranha – I think you would agree. It’s wild – same eyes, same mouth, and same teeth…


The big bird out front was a gift from Tad a few years ago.  It’s wispy and whimsical.  I still get up every morning, push up the front shade, and check to make sure my big bird is still out front.


Last fall I moved a big granite egg out near the big bird because it seemed like a natural pairing. The egg is hidden under the ornamental grasses in the summer and re-discovered every winter when the plantings die back. I like that. I like things that are unexpected and a surprise – things that are hidden amongst the shrubs, grasses, and in the corners.


You’ve also seen the requisite flamingo peeking out from my willow shrub when I was organizing my south side garden last fall. Flamingos are expected as yard art so the unexpected part of having a flamingo is that you wouldn’t think I would have one because it is expected. That might not make sense. Nonetheless, I’ve got a flamingo and I am proud of it…


Less whimsical, but still interesting is our abstract rectangle!  Can you believe this was free to me? Yes – it was free to me! Nobody wanted it, so I accepted it. You can’t beat free!


As mentioned earlier, I like things that are waiting to be discovered in the shrubs, grasses, and in the corners.

I’ve got a few frogs…



Creatures in the strawberry patch…




An airplane mixed up in the grapes…


A few faces in the corner…


Finally, we’ve got a pig on the farm side of the yard…


Life is too short to go without garden art. Add some fun to your life. Get a gnome.