In search of sedum…

I am a bit obsessed with this Green Roof Sedum Mix.


I first discovered these miracle plants at Lowe’s last year around Mother’s Day. Yes, I am going as far as to call this stuff a miracle plant! We were plant shopping with my mom. I wasn’t specifically looking for plants, but thought this stuff would be perfect as a ground cover between the stepping stones for my south facing, hot, dry garden area. I bought three or four tiles for myself and two for my mom. She was skeptical that these would work in her yard. We were both hooked immediately. It is really easy to plant. You just cut it to the correct size, scrape the surface of the dirt, place the tile piece and fill in a little dirt around the sides.


It’s even easier to take care of. Actually, you don’t really even have to take care of it. It takes care of itself. This stuff is tough! And – it is pretty and delicate looking despite it’s durability.


Anyway, my mom and I weren’t the only people that appreciated the merits of these plants. A week later, I went on a search of my local Lowe’s to get a few more for my sculpture garden area. Sadly, I had no luck…


I was told that each store got a few pallets and they sold out within a day or two.  Same story in my mom’s town.  A few weeks later, I happened to be at a local nursery and stumbled upon a few remaining tiles. I couldn’t believe my good fortune! I was totally excited. I snatched them all up immediately. As the last tile was going into my cart, a woman rushed up frantically. It was so sad to see her disappointed face when she realized I had just swiped the last of the sedum tiles. She told me that she had called every nursery in town looking for these things – and that these were the only ones left in the entire Denver Metro area.  I wanted to run away quickly with my tiles and never look back. I stood there in silence listening to her story trying to formulate my escape plan. I felt bad for her. I imagined how it would be if our roles were switched. I would be really bummed. So, I split the loot with her. She was happy. I was happy that she was happy. When I planted the few sedum tiles I had procured, things looked a bit sparse. I like to think, then, that karma kicked in. I think that woman at the nursery probably saved me a little money, as well. I spent half the money I was prepared to spend and got beautiful results!


I couldn’t have asked for better success!  I hope the woman who talked me out of half of my sedum tiles at the nursery had the same success…


This corner was previously full of weeds, including the impossible to get rid of bind weed. The before photo doesn’t capture the garden corner, but it was pretty much the same as everywhere else – lots of dusty dirt.


This after photo is a short one year later. It is a huge transformation – all due to Green Roof Sedum Mix. My sparse plantings of sedum are now one large blanket of soft, green sedum ground cover. Seriously, you’ve got to love this stuff!


An unexpected discovery of this Green Roof Sedum Mix is that cuttings take hold easily in empty garden space. I had trimmed some of the sedum between the stepping stones. I tossed the cuttings to the side and forgot to clean them up. A week or two later, the cuttings had taken root and were spreading…


A year later, a few cuttings have turned into ground cover – with no help from me…


After these cute little sedums survived our very cold winter, I decided I wanted to add more between some of the other stepping stones of my newly organized front south side garden. I started the search early. I lurked at every Lowe’s around town in search of sedum tiles. I went to the local nursery that had them last year. No luck.  My mom was also on the lookout in her town, but she couldn’t find any either. Apparently, these tiles are so popular in my mom’s town that you have to be there within hours of the shipment because they sell out so fast. Anyway, I was strolling through Lowe’s one day looking for a soaker hose. Low and behold, there were four sedum tiles ready to be taken away.


I kept two and two went to my mom. I finally got mine planted over the weekend.


It’s exciting. It’s like winning the Sedum Lotto…


On a side note, some research revealed that this sedum is actually cultivated for rooftops. Thus, the name “Green Roof Sedum Mix.” I think that is cool. I wish I had a rooftop that was conducive to planting these tiles.

And, I discovered that they also grow a mix that is more shade tolerant. I am considering that for the north side of our house.

Tonight, I will be heading out to Lowe’s again to see if they got more sedum tiles in.

I just can’t help myself :)