Wool in the laundry…

I would prefer not to use fabric sheets in the dryer mostly because they contain chemicals that are likely not good for us.

I like to use natural stuff when I can.

I also like to track an occasional package as it makes its way to me cross country – when I can’t find the desired item locally.

So, that brings me to my new wool balls for the laundry.


They kind of look like art for the dryer, don’t they?


Art makes everything better – even laundry.

Anyway, I had gotten some dryer balls a few years back that were advertised to decrease laundry drying time and soften clothes.


These spiked balls are plastic and worked pretty well, but are now falling apart. I have been finding the little blue plastic spikes in the dryer, in pockets, in socks, etc. It has been time for a new plan or at least some replacement dryer balls for a while now. Though, I wasn’t wanting to replace the plastic with more plastic.

I first saw wool dryer balls at a local store in my neighborhood. I was interested, just not ready to buy that day. I went back a few weeks later with the intent to buy, but they were all gone. I was told that they wouldn’t be getting any more in – at least for quite a while. I had made up my mind that I was getting wool dryer balls. When I get on a mission, there is no stopping me. I was on a mission. I wanted wool dryer balls. I widened my search locally for wool dryer balls. Believe it or not, I could not locate any wool balls to buy!

So, I turned the mission into a DIY my own wool balls.  I searched the internet for instructions, suggestions, etc.  I found many good DIY wool ball instructions.  I started compiling the list of supplies I needed to make the wool balls, only to discover that the cost to DIY was a bit pricey in comparison to the already made, ready to throw in the dryer ones.

In the interest of time, effort, and money – I decided to order up the ready made 100% wool dryer balls from across the country. And, I got to track my package as it made it’s trek to Colorado. It was an exciting week.


As soon as these little wool balls arrived, I threw in a load of laundry.  I am happy to report that I do think they actually work as advertised – and they definitely work better than the plastic balls.  They are supposed to decrease laundry drying time and soften clothes in the dryer for 3 years. Time will tell.

Now – about static cling.

The wool dryer ball people say that the balls don’t eliminate static cling. So, they recommend 2 metal safety pins attached to an item in the dryer to eliminate static cling. After one load of laundry, the safety pin thing appeared to work great. After a few more loads of laundry, it doesn’t seem to work 100% of the time in completely eliminating static cling. I will say, though, that I think it works as well as a commercial dryer sheet.

Who knew.

Well, I guess, we all know now…