A Change of Scenery…

I have been working from home for 8 years now.

After a while, I get tired of looking at the same things day in and day out.

The time has come for a change of scenery.

Things need some freshening up.

To keep me sane. To keep me interested. To keep me happy.

The first change was to get rid of the old terrarium.  Sad but true.


It was time. This little terrarium was going on 3 years old. It was low maintenance, but that wasn’t enough to keep it around. It was the only indoor plant we had in the house – again, not enough to keep it. I liked the striped appearance of the leaves, but I just wanted something different. I was wanting some color in that little corner. So, the terrarium had to go.

Here is my new view of the kitchen from my workspace…


I suspect you are wondering what all the hoopla is about – or not.  Well, the hoopla is about that little red pumpkin popping out against the sunny window .  It is likely a surprise to most people out there that something small like a little red pumpkin can make a big difference in my sanity. Well, I am here to tell you that it has and does make a difference. It sounds weird, but the color and the cute shape keep me from losing my mind when I am sitting at my desk – on a phone work meeting that is the same old monotony.  I love that little red pumpkin. Here he is close up…


The other change I’ve recently made was the addition of some artwork along the ledge going down the stairs.  This is also visible from my workspace. It was feeling a bit tired and uninteresting.


So, I went into the archives (aka the basement) and found some things that I already had. I like the bright pops of color from the two pieces on the right – the colors and contrasting graphics are easy to see from my desk. The two on the left with the white mats are also easy to see from my desk – so, that’s good. The two in the center are small prints and not easily studied from across the room. I think at some point I will move those somewhere else and replace with something more graphic and colorful. Finally, there is the ostrich print on the wall. Previously, that spot was taken by the black and white photo that is now on the ledge. The ostrich is brightly colored and funny. He makes me smile – so, that’s a plus when I am at my desk – trying to get through the monotony of my afternoon work.


I think the artwork is also nice as you go down the stairs


and up the stairs.


The final changes involve improved comfort while working – and an addition of some stripes.


The stripes are a bit of a stretch for me. I don’t love stripes. For me stripes feel a bit too structured, too formal, too linear, too expected, too monotonous (I promise this is the last reference to monotomy – ever). You get the picture. Stripes are not my thing.  With all that said, I went with stripes for my new area rug in my desk area – and I think I like it.  It brightens up the place.


The finale is my new desk chair…


I previously had an upholstered dining chair that I was using as a desk chair. It has worked out ok for the better part of 5ish years. Then, in January I noticed that my lower back and hips were stiff and sore after sitting in my desk chair for any period of time. Tad offered to let me try out his desk chair – Tad has been singing the praises of this chair for a year. I was resistant at first because I don’t really like the look of office furniture – especially in my house.  However, common sense and comfort finally won out. I tried Tad’s chair. It was a miracle – comfortable and ergonomic.  I was sold after one day. I ordered one up. It came in this week.  I had to pick it up downtown – where the parking and loading of things is not optimal. I got lucky that day though. I got a parking space about a half of a block away from the showroom so I only had to carry it a short distance. Oh – and there was 30 minutes left on the meter so I didn’t have to pay for parking. It was a good day – great parking space, money left on the meter, and the new green chair made it safe and sound to my car for transport. I am taking all that luck as a good sign. The green chair is meant to be in my life – even if it does still resemble office furniture.

I like it. It is comfortable. I just wish somebody out there would make a comfortable/ergonomic desk chair that looked like a dining room chair. That would be the ultimate best.


Tad’s is gray leather. Mine is spring green wool. Tad’s leather chair is softer – thus, maybe a bit nicer. Mine is prettier. I like pretty.

Here we are before the mini workspace makeover…


Here we are now – after the mini workspace makeover with a new chair and a new area rug…


It feels freshened up. I think it looks freshened up too. Now, if only my actual work would get freshened up…