The Best Laundry Room Ever…

We have a new laundry folding/storage cabinet and it makes our laundry room the best ever!


As you may recall, a few months ago we decided to join the 21st century in terms of washing clothes.  We got a new washer and dryer


because our 20 year old dryer, sadly, broke down.


The new, front loading, stacking set was a great decision for us. The clothes are actually cleaner (the research said this would be true – I didn’t believe it). Things dry really, really fast (again, the research said this would be true – I didn’t believe it). These things are really pretty (I knew this to be true from the beginning – no research needed). The variety of settings has been a plus (I thought simple was better – I was wrong – I love all the different options). I love the stainless steel tubs (because I love stainless steel). Finally, Tad has become the laundress at our house because the washer and dryer are so great (which makes me totally happy)!

Because Tad is so excited about laundry these days, he was on board with a new folding/storage cabinet for our small laundry room. In fact, Tad took on the role of lead designer of this new piece of furniture. He measured multiple times, he got my input on storage suggestions, he contacted the woodworker, he met with the woodworker, he revised the drawings, he changed the drawer dimensions a few times, he measured again, he ordered hardware, he followed up on the progress, he stopped by the closed woodworking shop and peered in the window a few times when we were out walking the neighborhood, he was here when it was finally delivered.

Being that it was a custom built piece of furniture, it took a while – maybe, 3 months. I think it was supposed to only take 8 weeks. Tad had hoped that it would get here in time for Christmas. The wait was worth it though. It is really lovely.

Here we are before the cabinet…


Here we are after…


Again, before…


Again, after…


Being that the laundry room is directly adjacent to the bathroom, the laundry cabinet was designed to match the bathroom vanity – in materials and style.


The walls in the laundry are not square so there was an uneven, sizable gap between the top edge and the side wall.  We had hoped for a built in look. The gap did not fit with the built in look we were going for. So, the woodworker was back within a day or two to cover the gap and create that built in look we wanted. A few trim pieces, some silicone,


and a day later we had the built in look.




The storage that this laundry furniture provides is significant.


Here is the shelving before moving stuff to the new laundry cabinet.


Here is the shelving unit after moving stuff to the laundry cabinet – leaving a couple of empty bins and a bunch of open space.


Now, for the finale! According to Tad, the best part of the cabinet is the top, pull out, folding shelf…


So, in summary, we are very happy with our new laundry cabinet :)