The Big Renovation – nearing the end?

Things are moving along!

I just wanted to do a quick update with some in progress photos. Details to follow at a later date – if you are interested in the details…

We last left off waiting for the trim and doors to go in…

Progress had been made! The interior doors have been installed and the trim is mostly in.


The bathroom trim got a few coats of oil in preparation for tile installation.


Tad’s television wall was also finished with 4 coats of oil.


The vanity has been installed. Though, a small snafu surfaced on installation day. Can you see what the problem is? More on that solution later.


Some concrete board problems around the tub surfaced. The contractor came back to make a few revisions to the concrete board in an effort to get it flat and even on the front of the tub.  Yes, that is a school house ruler. I am measuring from the edge of the tub back to the concrete board. It was supposed to be 3/8″. As you can see, this side is perfect. However, the tale quickly turns sad. The other side was 3/4″.  This tub (and everything that touches it) has been a serious thorn in my side.


Here is where we are today…


Yes, that is bathroom tile going in!

Oh, and – the concrete board on the front of the tub is not flat, even, or level –  despite my constant requests for a little attention to detail on this issue. I gave up on this yesterday. I was frustrated. I decided that I just couldn’t have one more conversation about the tub. Unfortunately, the tile on the front of the tub has been installed and it is very obvious that the tub was not framed or set properly. Now, it is too late to fix. I should have made someone fix it. I should have fixed it myself. I don’t know. I should have firmly intervened from the very beginning. I should have persisted. Not really a lesson learned. Maybe, a lesson reinforced…

Ok. Moving on.

We have eliminated our checklists at this point. We are now measuring our progress by what is left sitting in the pile of stuff.


From left to right and top to bottom:

  1. The toilet – should go in next week if we can get the plumber scheduled.
  2. Mosaic tile – being installed as I type.
  3. Sconces – should be installed next week if we can get the electrician scheduled.
  4. Shower fixtures and vanity faucet – should be installed next week if we can get the plumber scheduled.
  5. Paint touch up supplies – this will likely be the last of the details to be completed. The trim guys kind of gouged the walls and ceilings in numerous places. So, the walls and ceilings will need to be repaired and painted again. Plus, the vast majority of the trim still needs to be caulked, oiled, and nail holes need to be filled.
  6. The hallway and entryway light fixtures – again, should be installed next week if we can get the electrician scheduled. I am excited to see these fixtures installed. It is kind of a cool story that we will get into later.
  7. Interior door hardware – should be installed next week when the trim guy comes back to finish a few details. We ran into a small problem with the door hardware. A part had to be added. We should get that part by Monday.
  8. Finally, we need to pass our final inspections. PS – we still don’t have a working air conditioner – not that we need it now – but we do need to resolve the AC problems before we can get a final inspection. They were supposed to be here today. They didn’t show up. Hmm.

Let’s end this story with a positive twist…

Our alley looks (and smells) better.


You might be asking yourself why our alley is relevant to the renovation?

Well, this is why.


Our alley now has one less Porta Potty (at one point, there were four of these things in our alley – now there are only 2.) Yay!

Even though getting rid of the portable toilet is a serious milestone (and a positive twist), I just can’t sign off with a Porta Potty picture. It kind of leaves a smelly detail hanging here.

I will end, instead, with something that is positive, bright, and not smelly.

Here is a sneak peek at our entryway light fixture – because I am kind of excited to get it installed – as mentioned already…

Lighting - entryway...