The Secret Project…

I have been skulking around here for a day or three – working on a secret project.

Dr. Suess...

It all started when a neighbor brought a cat named Mo over for a visit. I was sitting on the floor of our entryway trying to get Mo to come over to me. He refused to come anywhere near me.

It was then that I noticed underneath the vanity.


Sorry about the blurry view, but you obviously get the picture – ugly and unfinished.

Generally, nobody is going to be sitting on the floor of our entryway – and likely wouldn’t care about the view anyway. However, the problem was that I was sitting on the floor in the entryway – and I saw it – and I care! I tried to unsee it. It lurked in my brain. I knew it was ugly under there. I couldn’t just unsee it.

I decided it needed to be finished – so I could sleep at night. I opted to not tell anyone I was doing this project because it did seem a bit crazy – even still now, in retrospect. Tad was also (and still has been) left in the dark about this project. Last night, he arrived home from work and asked what I did during the day. I quickly rattled off the list – dropped off the security door screens for repair, stopped at Ace Hardware for secret project materials, off to the kitchen store for a made in the USA cakelet beehive pan (more on that later), over to Olive and Finch for some lunch, and back home to finish up the secret project. Tad looked around for a few minutes to see if he could find the secret project. He could not.


Anyway, back to the project itself.

I figured a few hours, some left over materials, and it would be good to go. I was wrong. This covert operation turned into a mission.

I had some extra tile so I thought I would just slap some of that up on the back wall and call it done. Nope. It didn’t seem quite finished enough.

I decided it needed some Schluter trim along the bottom to match the rest of the room. Ok. It matched the rest of the room. It looked good, but then the top of the tile looked messy.

I looked around the materials scrap pile and found a small piece of wood trim for the top edge of the tile – even though I am, literally, the only person on the planet that knew about this project and the messy top edge of the tile.


It looked okay, but still not complete. I installed some cherry wood base along both sides.

By this time, I am all in.  So, a small cherry wood block detail was added to each corner.

Then, I decided the block needed a little hardware detail – in the form of some fancy finish screws. This is how I ended up at Ace Hardware for secret project materials yesterday.

As I explained my project to the Ace Hardware guy, I wondered if I may have gone one detail too far. He tried to steer me to the cheap (aka ugly) screws – because it was an under the vanity project – and I think he thought I was having a break with reality. I was like “Dude. I know I sound like I have lost my mind, but details matter to me. Please show me your best finish screws.” He shrugged his shoulders, directed me to the fancy finish screws, and said “I would use the chrome ones if I were you.”

Thanks Ace Dude. Chrome was definitely the way to go.



So, to wrap up The Secret Project…

The blurry before view from the entryway.


Now, the after view from the entryway. Subtle, secret, but definitely worth it.


And – just to followup on Mo, the cat, from across the street. We checked in on him while his family was out of town. This is what was going on at his house…


That is a turkey.


Maybe, even weirder than a stealth project under a vanity?