More about me…

Hey there.

I am Kellee from Colorado.


Here I present our house project(s) – the old, the new, the good, the bad, the finished, the unfinished, the never finished …

Tad is the other person in my house & life story.

Then, there is Hanna. No, she is not a child. She is a black & white spotted cat.

My Studiomate

It started over 15 years ago with our 100 year old house.

House 001

My must have list was completely fulfilled – low price, specific location, a stained glass window, hardwood flooring, livable kitchen & bathroom.

Tad had one thing on his list – a garage.  Sorry Tad – no garage – but a huge yard where we could someday build a garage…

Fast forward a bunch of years – yee gads!  We have done a ton of projects and still have a ton to do.  We still love the location and the stained glass window.  Tad finally got his garage (and it is quite lovely).

As with most DIYers, we have fine tuned our home improvement skills over the years out of necessity.  Lack of a trust fund and/or winning lotto ticket required us to put in the hard work ourselves to improve on our abode.  Now, we love DIY projects (or at least I do)…

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