Our Own Field of Dreams…

We have been getting our north side yard in order for almost 2 years after construction completely destroyed it.

North Side Yard Before

North Side Yard Before 2

On July 4th 2013 Tad finished up and fine tuned his pitcher’s mound and home plate!

North Side Yard Tad at Mound

North Side Yard Tad at Home Plate

Interestingly, back when we were in the planning phase of our garage/addition construction Tad kept saying things like “That design doesn’t accommodate my pitcher’s mound and home plate idea.”  I thought he was joking!  Oh no – he wasn’t…

The pitcher’s mound is sort of oval shaped rather than the standard round shape that is “regulation”.  It is also not quite the perfect height according to MLB standards because we have a slightly sloped yard but I think it gets the job done. Since Tad’s pitcher’s mound/home plate is intended for throwing,  the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate is the most important standard to meet (in his mind anyway) .  It is officially the MLB regulation of 60 feet, 6 inches – yeah!

North Side Yard Pitchers Mound

North Side Yard Measurements

North Side Yard Home Plate

Kind of a funny story – When Tad’s mom and sister saw the pitcher’s mound and home plate area for the first time (before the plate and pitching rubber were installed), they asked when we were going to plant the flowers.  Tad explained that it was a pitcher’s mound and home plate, not flower beds.  We all laughed. Come to find out they thought we were joking about the pitcher’s mound and home plate.  We thought they were joking about the flower beds.   They were surprised to see that it was in fact a pitcher’s mound and home plate – because who does that???

North Side After

We do really use it to throw – it’s not just for show.  Officially I am the catcher, but I don’t have catcher’s gear so I won’t crouch behind the plate and let the baseball fly 70ish miles per hour at my face.   The “backstop” is really intended to hide the potting bench and some storage stuff that isn’t too pretty to look at.  I did have it made from heavy duty gauge metal so as to not dent when hit with a baseball. It seems to be doing the job – no dents and sounds like a really, really loud gong when it gets hit.

North Side Yard After Backstop

We have gotten lots of comments on this particular aspect of our yard.   Adults are generally perplexed. Kids are generally surprised.  The other night, I was sitting in the living room with the front door open. I heard a young boy begging his mom to walk back to take a look at the pitcher’s mound – he was totally excited – I love that!