Yes – we put up some wallpaper!  I feel a little shocked admitting this because I never thought I would have wallpaper in my house.  You know – all the nightmare stories about ugly, outdated wall paper and how hard it is to remove.  I also like to change things up a bit frequently and paint is easier to change than wallpaper.  Then, there is Tad.  He has never once mentioned liking or wanting wallpaper anywhere.

So, how did this come about you ask?

Well, one day we started talking about murals or some such thing and it ended with “We should get some sort of wall paper/mural for the wall going down the stairs to the basement.”  It was mostly Tad’s idea!  It has been about a year since that initial revelation.  We weren’t actively looking for paper or anything.  It just so happens that there is a wallpaper store in our neighborhood.  I was walking by and saw these 2 really cool papers through the window.

Wallpaper Water Towers

NYC Water Towers by Cavern


Wallpaper Woods

Woods by Cole & Son

I could go either way.  The Water Towers are really unique and interesting.   The Woods are popular (I think Anthropologie has this paper available in their catalog) for a reason – the paper has amazing detail and I like naked trees.  Tad voted for the Woods.  Since he can see the wall from his office/desk space in the basement he got the final say.  Woods it was.

I was all geared up to install the paper myself.  I started doing research on my wallpaper but got confused pretty much right away with the repeat/offset match/half drop lingo.   I also studied the wallpaper itself.  I couldn’t really figure out how to get started because of the repeat/offset match/half drop thing.  Then, I started to really look at my wall.  I realized that there were a ton of seemingly complicated cuts around the stair treads.    I hate hiring out home improvement projects (especially work like this that, in my opinion, requires a detail oriented person.)  In the end I decided I didn’t have enough sense to get this done without wasting a ton of this pricey paper.  I called in an installer.  He had 30 years of experience hanging wall paper and his charge was very reasonable.

I was really, really nervous but it turned out so nice.  Should I want to change it up in the future, I made sure to request wallpaper paste that is easy to remove (with Downy and water according to the installer – it has to be Downy – no knock offs.)  At this point, I can’t imagine wanting to change it though – it is just so fun and interesting!  It is almost a bit too nice for our unfinished basement…

Wallpaper Before

 Before the Woods…

Wallpaper After


Upon review of the wallpaper discussions that went on in my head over the last year – I think I concluded that all over wallpaper is too much for me.  I think an accent wall is definitely the way to go.  It has a ton of impact without being overwhelming…