Water Towers…

I now wake up to a view of water towers.

fullsizeoutput_1237I like it.

I am freakishly fascinated with old fashioned water towers. I don’t know why I like water towers. I just do.

As I roam our lovely city, I have a few favorites around the area…

Olde Town Arvada water tower...


Anyway, I got in the habit of waking up to a “view” during construction. We slept in the basement, and each morning I would wake up in a forest…


I loved that. I missed it when we moved back upstairs. I wanted that same daily experience in our new bedroom.

Our bedroom is very quiet, calm, and undecorated. There are some grey painted walls, wood flooring, lovely natural cherry trim, a bed with solid bedding, a bench, two side tables, and two wall mounted bedside reading lights. Ok, so, when I list it all out now, there is more than I thought in there.

Nonetheless, it was feeling a bit sparse and in need of some pattern.



However, I didn’t want to go crazy with pattern and/or artwork. I wanted to keep the room feeling kind of minimal. In my mind, wallpaper was the best way to accomplish what I was wanting – something mural like that would create a “view”, something very simple with a larger graphic pattern, and minimal color. Hmm. I, then, remembered the water tower wallpaper pattern from way back when we were deciding on the basement stair wallpaper.

I didn’t even shop around. I wanted the water towers! Tad was easily on board given it was the right color (there was a grey and white version) and not flowery.

Ordered (from Cavern Home). Installed (by Corbel Interiors). Now – lulling me to sleep every night (with visions of water towers dancing in my head). And – happily greeting me every morning (as I motivate for the day ahead).



Next needed is a natural wood beam to add some interest to the bed wall. I love the whole, natural wood, exposed beam thing. Beams are kind of like water towers for me. I notice beams. I stare at beams with wonder and awe. Beams make me happy and calm. I haven’t yet broken the news to Tad that we are going to install a beam in there, but we are.